Betfair old site

betfair old site

You have unplaced bets in your betslip. Your selections will be discarded when you leave this page. What do you want to do? Stay on this page. Leave this page. I thought Betfair had completely killed it off, but no I found it again! Next US president: Old exchange (no sportsbook). Cancel Save. Old site. Give Feedback on Search Beta Betfair's Search Beta has searched over 10, betting opportunities Results per page. 15, 30. Pick "Fixtures 05 Januar. Results 1 to 7 of 7. The only thing I can assume is that they want everyone to stop using the exchange and to have to use Betfair Sportsbook. All the best, Marty. What annoys me about the changes is that Ive changed to new site and its ok. Switch to Community Classic Open Community in new window App Directory. betfair old site They've run down the exchange on purpose to try and transfer as much business to the sportsbook as possible. Why oh why won't Betfair listen? It's surely same "data" In no way is it customer friendly. Why are we doing this now? It wasn't broke but you insisted on "fixing it" so that it's now unusable, well done. Pick "Fixtures 05 Januar. It talks directly to our old backend platform, which limits the volume of traffic price requests, bet placement belle rock we can handle. We are also able to make security enhancements or fixes that are important to maintaining a secure site. I have gone into options and clicked it on and off endlessly for days now, as well as cleared cookies and logged in and out, it still wont click back on. Unfortunately, I can't access the forum at the moment. Fixed Bug Reports version 1. The new site takes advantage of advances in web development tools such as Angular JS, a cutting edge technology developed by Google and now widely used by a variety of sites. To continue improving the new platform we need to separate it from the old platform, which means shutting off traffic coming from the Classic website. The new site also reloads pages for each market selected - if that wasn't annoying enough the list of markets also jumps around like crazy after selecting one, so if you're drilling down you keep selecting the wrong thing. Bibio View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message. Why oh why won't Betfair listen?

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Betfair Como Pagar Menos Comissões e Evitar Taxas no Trading Abusivas Close Existing users login. How do you refer back to the old site? Unselect this mode if you have a post that requires spaces"; tour. Are you a non-Australian customer who wants to use the Classic site? I can write my own software and will be developing a replacement for the standard UIs if the old Betfair UI is removed as it simply DOES NOT perform well enough. In all the years of placing through the old site i've never had an issue and the response time was good. They have to sack all these damn designers, programmers, managers, everyone and revert to the old site.

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